Jan 30th, 2017 | Blog

The Journey Through Probation

The e-mail said “Congratulations your selected”, “Not so surprising” that’s how I reacted. But won’t forget that day because of that friend who prayed, Wednesday,…
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Jan 27th, 2017 | Blog

Health & Fitness for Busy People

It is said life is not just a bed of roses. It’s not uncommon one finds thorns in one’s life journey. As an adult investing time…
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Jan 25th, 2017 | Blog

OPSPL!!! Medicine to my fears.

You might be thinking, OPSPL! Medicine!  That too for fear? Yes, for me OPSPL has been a medicine to my fears. I went to Bangalore…
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Jan 19th, 2017 | Blog

Teamwork In An Organisation

Teamwork at the workplace is very important and vital for the success of the company and for the development of each employee. Just like how Henry…
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Jan 17th, 2017 | Blog

Digital India

The Government of India has launched the Digital India programme with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and having knowledge economy…
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Jan 12th, 2017 | Blog

Major Interview Mistakes to Avoid

We (the HR Team) meet more people in a day than most others do in a year. But do you know what gaffe we see…
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Jan 9th, 2017 | Blog

Automation Vs Manual Testing

Ok, I’m gonna come clean and say it outright that there is nothing called as 100% automated testing and since we don’t create software/apps for…
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