In today’s world of globalisation, interaction with clients across the globe is inevitable. This is true especially in the IT industry. Communication with the clients can take place over various means. Certain measures should be followed to effectively communicate with the client.

A web application which has an interaction between 2 or more users will encounter problem when there is time difference between those users. This is especially true in systems which involves future and past events such as scheduled meetings or a calendar or a chat system and in any country which has different time zones within itself.

GraphQL is a data query language architectured and developed by Facebook. It was developed for as an alternative to REST API.

Bitbucket is one among the code sharing and collaboration tools that lets your team choose how you want to work with your code. You can host it on your own servers or run it from the cloud. You’ll always know where to look when you need code as you can organize the work into Teams, Projects, and Repositories.