Custom Software Development

Existing market competition requires a company to create one-of-a-kind software intended to meet their customers’ unique demands. Off-the-shelf software available is generally designed for the mass public as a solution to the many different needs of its users. These, however, may not fit-in exactly with your existing system and processes and may cause delays due to training requirements involved. This situation calls for unique custom software development, keeping in mind each company’s infrastructure, branding, implementation, and core business processes.

At Online–Goa, we make every effort possible to understand your business. We construct a detailed blueprint of the custom software you need and design the best & most-suited solutions for your business. We maintain a holistic balance between customization and user-friendliness. Rigorous testing and post-implementation support is part of our package to ensure that your custom software development requirements are fully met. We can design, develop, integrate and test custom software across multiple systems and platforms.

We create secure and effective solutions that are a snug fit to your existing systems and processes, so that you spend less time in the orientation and more time in the upward movement. With our comprehensive custom software development solutions, you can do away with any secondary applications for various micro processes.

Desire to have a solution crafted according to your own specifications? If you are interested in our custom software development services, contact us for a quote.

Our Process


Document the client requirements and identify the scope of the custom software


Based on the documentation, design the architectural and conceptual model of the software and check for client feedback on the blueprint


Implement the project by dividing it into series of sub-phases and meeting each deadline to deliver the solution on time


The software passes through rigorous testing for any bugs


Deploy the custom software to the production environment

We create custom softwares which are:
Customised to your needs
Strongly coded
Fluid fit to your systems
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