Why choose a career with OPSPL?

When you walk in to our office, the first thing you’ll notice is that our organization is full of talented people (professional and dedicated) who work together in an open and supportive culture.

We have created a culture of excellence with a commitment to innovation and stability that helps our employees reach their goals.

We give you the opportunity to develop your skills and expertise to the highest levels, with a range of learning and development opportunities.

We work with the latest technologies on all the platforms that we develop on/for.

We don’t just look at you for who you are, we look at you for who you could be in the future.

We strive to create a workforce that is:

  • Skilled and well trained
  • Knowledgeable and willing to learn more
  • Customer focused and responsive
  • Productive, efficient and comparable with the best
  • Striving for continuous improvement

We are continuously looking for smart, industrious, ambitious, self-starters – people who don’t shy away from responsibility or hard work. With a desire to learn and excel as IT Professionals!

We have the most and highest level of International certifications of all the Companies based in Goa. Yes! That’s a fact – check it for yourself. A great start (or continuation) to a professional career.

We are based in Goa – a Company for, of and by Goans.