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Bug Tracking System in Software Development

Before starting with the bug tracking system, first of all, we need to understand

    What Is a Bug?

    A bug is a condition where the system does not meet the necessary requirements.

    Bug Tracking System is also referred to as an “Issue Tracking System”. It is a part of the software application that is useful to keep track of the reported issues in all the software development.

    A Bug Tracking System Software is used internally by software companies during software development. Bug Tracking System is considered the most important part of good software development. Most of the companies say it’s a good practice to use a Bug Tracking System throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.


    Bug Tracking System Should Have Some Common Features:

    1. The Tracking System should allow admin to control the system, such as able to enter information, change or even erase the information.

    2. Reporting of the issues is very important. If issues are reported in a proper manner, then finding and fixing them becomes easy.



    1. Handover a great quality product – The Bug Tracking System makes sure that all detected bugs are fixed.

    2. It helps to remove all faults in the product by monitoring the work of the teams. This results in delivering a systematic and well-organised product within the given estimate.

    3. It also provides good communication within teams through chats or emails. This helps inform the right person to fix the bug on time.

    4. It also helps the project managers to see the performance of the developers.

    5. It helps testers keep track of all the issues reported to the developers, and it also allows organisation to keep track at one centralised location.

    6. It also allows testers to keep track of whether a bug is “Fixed”, ”In-progress”, or ”Incomplete”.

    7. It also helps to set the priority as “High”, or ”Low”.


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    Tips for Writing a Good Bug Report:

    1. Assign the report as soon as you encounter the bug.

    2. Before writing it to the bug report, reproduce it twice.

    3. Bugs should be reported with a summary.

    4. It is better to attach a screenshot if possible to get a better understanding for the development team.


    Following Are the Reasons for Not Using the Bug Tracker:

    1. Issues of high priority may not be reported to the developer.

    2. The development team may not realise that an issue has been assigned to them.

    3. The QA team cannot figure out the stability of the project.


    Top 5 Bug Tracking Tools:

    1. Plutora

    2. Bugzilla

    3. JIRA

    4. Backlog

    5. Mantis

    A good bug tracking system helps in customer satisfaction. No bugs help customers use the product efficiently, reliably, and most importantly, trustworthily.

    Ricky Noronha

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