Feb 22nd, 2019 | Blog

Experience of switching tracks: PHP to .NET

It’s always exciting to try out something new,  but when you don’t know if you are going to be good at it, especially when your…
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Feb 15th, 2019 | Blog

Agile Retrospective

We all have learnt a lesson or two from our mistakes. Mistakes once made are for learning and improving and not for repeating again. An…
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Feb 8th, 2019 | Blog

Think Like a Human Too

The rate at which today’s world is advancing is unbelievable. We see new technologies and machinery all around us. Machines have been programmed to work…
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Feb 1st, 2019 | Blog

Virtual Reality – Combination of Digital and Reality

Virtual reality is a term given for a reality that exists in a digital or man-made world. Both words have a meaning behind it. Virtual…
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