Major Interview Mistakes to Avoid
Major Interview Mistakes to Avoid

We (the HR Team) meet more people in a day than most others do in a year. But do you know what gaffe we see time and again during the interview processes?

Here are a few points to help you know what you should/shouldn’t do during an interview.

  • Avoid talking over your interviewer.

You may not realise while doing this – probably due to nervousness. However, you may end up over-talking to your employer and hence lose out on engaging in active listening.

You ought to listen carefully to your employer and when talking to your employer, watch for clues like your interviewer’s body language. If s/he seems disinterested in listening to you, then it’s time you stop talking.

  • Avoid talking bad about your current/ex-employer/s – Putting down your employer happens very often.

When we ask you the reason for leaving your previous job, we do not expect to hear you complain about your employer. Be professional enough to give an appropriate reason for leaving. Otherwise, to us, it’s a red flag that you’re not matured enough to respond professionally. It only gives us a reason NOT to consider your candidature for our company.

  • Acknowledge your mistakes.

Be well-groomed and be on time. If you’re going to be late, call the office and inform them. It is okay to make mistakes. However, if you make a mistake, own up to it.

  • Do not try too hard.

While it is important to be confident, leave your ego at the door. If you walk in with your ego, be sure that you won’t get the job. From your body language and we can sense whether you show empathy or you are too self-involved.

  • Do not control your enthusiasm.

An interview is a chance to learn about the company. But that includes doing your homework on both the company and your interviewers.

If it came down to making a choice between two candidates – who are equal on all other grounds, the person who showed the most interest and excitement would get our vote.

  • Do not forget your manners.

When it comes to attending an interview, you want to dress your best, print your CV on a nice, thick paper, and attach the best photograph. But remember that good behaviour and knowledge is what will get you ahead.

Muriel Coutinho

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