Dec 7th, 2018 | Blog

Flutter – Open Source, Cross Platform App Development Kit

Flutter is a cross-platform, open-source app development kit specifically for mobiles on which Google has been working on for the last few years with a…
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Nov 30th, 2018 | Blog

All you need to know about Income Tax returns

Whenever the financial year is coming to an end on 31st March, all we can think about is the returns that need to be filed…
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Nov 23rd, 2018 | Blog

Page Object Model in Test Automation

Writing initial automation scripts is an easy task. We need to just locate the element and perform necessary operations required in the test case. For…
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Nov 16th, 2018 | Blog

Whose Dream are You Living?

Several years ago, Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer was interviewed, “What’s wrong with men these days?” the reporter intrigued. The reply said “Men simply don’t…
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Nov 13th, 2018 | Blog

Challenges I Faced While Designing My First Client Website

It was a great experience designing my first website. My first project was a UI/UX website and I had to convert the template given to…
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Nov 9th, 2018 | Blog

Mistakes a Programmer Can Avoid in a Tech Company

Most of the people reading this blog will mostly be programmers or developers or someone who shows interest towards IT. Those of you who have…
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Nov 7th, 2018 | Blog

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework provides the developers with a simple and quick way to implement an intelligent chatbot which can converse with the end user, understand…
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Nov 2nd, 2018 | Blog

Accounting: Then & Now

“Accounting is a process of recording, summarizing, analyzing and recording of financial transactions of an enterprise.” Accounting is one of the most important functions of…
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