Whose Dream are You Living
Whose Dream are You Living?

Several years ago, Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer was interviewed,

“What’s wrong with men these days?” the reporter intrigued.

The reply said “Men simply don’t sit and THINK”,

This is a plan in itself to see their ship sink.


Thomas Alva Edison with the electric light bulb wanted to drive away darkness,

Little did he know that years down the line, his dream would be harnessed.

“How did he achieve this”, may you ask?

He went forward with a thinking mind and a burning desire and made it look like an easy task.


Steve Jobs chased his goals in hot pursuit,

And ended up making for us Apple the costliest fruit.

He said “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick”,

Not losing hope and staying focused is the trick.


Mark Zuckerberg went on to create world’s widely used book,

Which most people daily have a look.

He might have imagined connecting people world wide,

Something in which he surely must be taking pride.


Elon Musk is already dreaming of going to Mars,

He surely dreamed big, aiming well past the stars.

After many failures, did he see victory,

Now the world will read about him in history.


These men had a goal to achieve,

Nothing is impossible, this do you believe?

Because you are living the results of their dream,

So set your goals and focus on them like a laser beam


You are living their dream and have no dream of your own?

For this, ideas and thoughts in your mind must be sown.

They did prove that no big dream is impossible to achieve,

So my question to you is, what stops you from dreaming big?

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