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Challenges I Faced While Designing My First Client Website

It was a great experience designing my first website. My first project was a UI/UX website and I had to convert the template given to me by a client into a functional website. When I started work first, I faced many challenges while designing a website. Although I managed to overcome all of them, here are some of them listed to help you get a better start at designing a website.

  • Content Positioning: I began placing the content in an attempt to replicate it as per the template. Content positioning is very critical in UI/UX websites and should be exactly the same as per the given template. This is one of the major challenges while designing a website. Since it was my very first experience, I didn’t have much knowledge in positioning the content, so doing a lot of research definitely helped me go the distance.
  • Making the website fully responsive: A large part of my time went into making the website fully responsive. The website used Bootstrap technology, which is a widely used CSS framework. I had previously worked with Bootstrap, but only using it was not making the entire site responsive on all devices. As a result, I had to write Media Queries in CSS. Having a thorough knowledge of Media Queries is an extremely important trait in a web designer. I had to write Media queries for some grids to make the website responsive on all devices which eventually did the job flawlessly.
  • Browser Compatibility: Browser compatibility is the website’s compatibility with almost all contemporary browsers.
  • Font Compatibility: In my project, the issue I faced was related to the website font in some browsers since the CSS syntax followed for different browsers was different. So I did my research and wrote the CSS syntax which worked fine for all the browsers. This is the most widely faced challenge by web designers.
  • JavaScript/JQuery: It was a great experience working on this project as I got a chance to work with JavaScript. It’s currently one of the leading languages in the Tech industry. The website design had many image sliders which I had to customize as per the template, I took up a lot of challenges while working on this project and it helped build my knowledge.

In my first client project itself, I got to learn many new things. I am very happy and glad to be working at Online. As I get the chance to work on more upcoming projects, I can confidently say that I will soon be fully equipped to face any challenges the projects have to offer.

Jaganath Warang

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