Jan 12th, 2018

It’s Okay to be Not Okay

Whenever a friend, a relative or a colleague asks you “How are you?” I’m sure you must be giving the most common and easy reply,”…
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Dec 29th, 2017

How programming changed my perception on life

In the Bible of our programmers, an anonymous guy said, “Programming is not about what you think, it’s all about how you think”. And I…
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Dec 9th, 2017

It’s all about planning!!!

Don’t you think to give a good start a plan of action is required?  Whether it’s about planning your marriage or planning to buy a…
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Nov 21st, 2017

My experience at a Stadium Announcer for FIFA U17 World cup India 2017

There is always a first time for everything they say, and this time it was India’s turn to host the FIFA U17 World Cup in 2017….
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Oct 17th, 2017

Devils in Disguise

Cowards, devils in disguise under the mask they hide, They kill, because they themselves are dead inside. Humanity is vanishing I watch as it drops,…
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Sep 29th, 2017

For the love of peace

  Violence is so much a part of our lives today. We switch on the TV to see people blown up by bombs and guns….
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Sep 22nd, 2017

Some interesting facts about traditional coconut plucking in Goa

Having a few coconut trees around our office area, we have to regularly organize someone to pluck the coconuts and cut the falling palms in…
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Sep 8th, 2017

The joys of playing football in my life

Sports is very necessary in life, no matter what age you are or what work you do, as it keeps you healthy, young and happy….
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