How programming changed my perception on life
How programming changed my perception on life

In the Bible of our programmers, an anonymous guy said, “Programming is not about what you think, it’s all about how you think”. And I believe that it can be applicable in real life too, not just for programming. When it comes to real life problems, one can handle them with the mind-set of a programmer.

How do I do it? Well, here’s how it goes.
Taking decisions is an everyday task. Of course, this is common for non-programmers too. ‘If-else’ is used on a daily basis. We have to take decisions depending on the situations. If ‘this’ happens we’ll do ‘this’ else we’ll do ‘that’.
Sometimes we can use switch case too. When I don’t know what’s going be the outcome of a certain situation, I have several cases ready with me. So depending on the outcome, I choose the appropriate decision. And this helps me to be ready for any type of outcome, be it bad or be it good, I’m ready.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is what we’re familiar with. Why do we use it? To make a website look amazing, isn’t it? And why/how do I use it in real-life? To make someone else’s life amazing, by being CSS in their life. When someone is unhappy with the way they are, I make sure they are made to feel special about themselves. Be CSS for your loved ones. It makes yourself feel good as well. Sometimes you’re stuck while coding because you don’t have the required plug-ins. What do you do then? Find the suitable plug-in and then carry on with your work, right? Well, our best friends can be considered as plug-ins too. When I know I can’t do something alone and I need help, I have the plug-ins to help me to achieve what I want. Some friends really make your life easier. Try not to lose such friends.
Then comes the Try-catch! There comes a moment in life when you’re trying something new for the first time. And when you don’t get the output you were expecting, you quit! For example, we’ve seen cases of people failing in exams, living with messed up relationships, etc. and when they don’t know how to handle it, they terminate themselves. When we ‘try’ something new, we should always be prepared to ‘catch’ the ‘exception’ and handle the situation accordingly instead of just terminating.

Sometimes you find yourself with totally different people when you move to a new company. And you try to fit in. You change yourself. Good or bad, it depends. Most of the time you’re just trying to fit in where you don’t even belong in the first place. These are compatibility issues, my friend. Downgrade back to where you were, that’s the only solution available.

Breakpoints help us to analyse our code which helps in knowing whether we’re on the right track or not. Sometimes, we should debug ourselves. Analyse whether we are doing the right thing with our life or just living for the sake of living.
So that’s how programming changed my life. And yes, ever since I’ve started with coding, I keep learning new techniques to handle my life better.


Sanford Fernandes

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