Self Motivation To Achieve Goals

“Self Motivation” is easier said than done. For some, it may be a movie, a motivational talk, or a quote that motivates them. But for most people, it is temporary. At that moment, you feel you are inspired and motivated, but what happens the next day when you are put off by some unrelated event, something that makes you just want to do nothing? How do you get the motivation to continue what you started?

Motivation is not only required to achieve enormous goals, but it is needed for the many daily activities. You need to be motivated to wake up early morning to complete that morning walk, you need the determination to say no to certain food to maintain that diet, you need the perseverance to stay up at night to complete studies for that exam you want to crack.

For different people, motivation is needed for different things. What some people find easy, others may not. Here are some tips to build motivation to attain goals.

Have the main goal in mind. For example, if you want to participate in a marathon, the goal would be to cover a certain distance and build stamina. Or for an exam, to be able to complete certain problems in a fixed amount of time. Have the goal set, and give it a practical and realistic deadline.

Set smaller goals to attain the main goal. For example, if the main goal is to be achieved in a year, set small goals to be achieved per month. Increase the target for every time period. This helps in proper planning and boosting your motivation. You will find it easier to visualize yourself attaining your set target.

Prepare yourself to start. Analyse what is needed to reach your goals. For example, if your goal is complete a set distance in swimming in a fixed amount of time, you need to have the right technique, and build up stamina. If the goal is to answer a test, understand the questions to prepare a method for solving it. The smallest details are vital. Once these minute tasks are clear, you will be able to concentrate and work more efficiently towards attaining your goals. You will be working smart.

Work hard. It is not easy and hence you need the motivation. When you feel low and demotivated, look back, recall where you started and where you have reached now, you will always be closer than ever towards your goals. Remind yourself why you need this and that you have already invested time and efforts to reach where you are. You may be just a few steps away from your target.

Its after all the battle between you and your mind. Hence prepare for the day you are not so motivated by using the day you felt you produced the best results. When you have performed well, take time and remember that moment with the most details possible. This memory will help a great deal when you want to give up. Remember this day when you feel you cannot make it, and strive to achieve that moment of success again. Fight for that achievement.

Be strong, be motivated.



Melody Fernandes

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