12 Jun 2017
Cyber crimes and its Preventive measures

Cyber crimes and its preventive measures

What’s a Cybercrime?

Cyber crimes are attacks made by black hat hackers who break into computer systems or gain unauthorized access to any system in order to steal, change or destroy information. Cyber crimes have been increasing since technology has evolved from analog to digital.

Some cyber crimes have a purpose, but most of them are done for power or for fun, gaining an insight into the system for blackmailing, stealing or deleting data.

A hacker usually finds a backdoor in a system or finds a loophole in the firewall. No matter how strong the firewall is they always find a breach in the system.

Here are some preventive measure to be taken to avoid CYBER CRIMES:

  • Make sure to use a strong password with combinations of special characters and numeric values for authentication purpose.
  • Always use a secure and encrypted channel for sending personal data or messages
  • Use an antivirus software and always keep its database up to date as virus definitions keep on changing.
  • Make sure to surf only trusted websites and never click on untrusted pops-up or ads. Always clear your session data, e. cookies and saved passwords. Using Internet security antivirus helps.
  • Disable or unplug your camera, microphone, and GPS if you aren’t using it.
  • Don’t share your bank account number and debit/credit card password or CVV to anyone, even if someone calls and says they are from the bank. Don’t swipe your debit/credit card at an untrusted ATM.

“Surf safe on the Cyberspace”

Darrel Silveira

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