Typography Guidelines

Typography plays a vital role in web/graphic design. It not only makes your website look attractive and is used to convey information in designing, formatting and arranging text. It helps in presenting your design and content as clearly and efficiently as possible. It not only refers to the creation of letters and characters but also on how you structure those letters and characters. It applies to the selection of point size, line length and spacing, both on a single line as well as throughout a entire page/layout. Considering the choice of typeface you use and how it fits with your layout, grid and colour scheme will make your design either look good, poor or exceptional. Even the smallest details of the type can make quite a difference specially when you set up a webpage or image for social media. Nowadays websites typically have 90 to 95% typography, so as to ensure good communication between visitors and your website.

In our Infographic below, we have briefly summarised a few guidelines to keep in mind while designing graphics or websites.

Typography Guidelines

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