Features of Entity Framework

Entity Framework is an open-source ORM framework supported by Microsoft. It allows developers to focus more on the objects and classes rather than the database where the actual data is stored. Developers can now create and maintain high end data-related applications by writing less code.

Entity Framework was first released in 2008 as a part of the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Later releases from v.4.1 were shipped as a part of the EntityFramework NuGet package. The current version of EntityFramework is EF6, which only supports runs on Windows. It currently receives updates from Microsoft.

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) released in 2016, is a complete re-write of EF6. It is available as a package in NuGet named EntityFrameworkCore. EF Core is cross-platform and can run on .NET Core and .NET Framework. EF Core was designed to provide an experience similar to EF6, as most top-level APIs are similar to EF6.


Features of Entity Framework


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