7 C’s of Effective Communication

Effective Public Relations written by Professor Scott M. Cutlip and Allen H. Center was the first textbook in the field of public relations which introduced the “Seven C’s of Communication”. These 7 principles of communication are a convenient way to ensure good business communication.

To convey your message in a well organised and systematic manner, your communication needs to follow these 7 C’s: Clear, Correct, Complete, Concise, Concrete, Considerate, and Courteous.

Communicating your message clearly in an easy to understand manner and ensuring that all facts and figures are accurate will add reliability and creditability to your work.

Your message must be detailed enough to give the recipient all the information she/he requires. When your message is complete and adequate, your audience knows exactly what needs to be done.

The message must not be complicated and should be supported with facts. The sender must take into consideration the audience’s thoughts, their viewpoints, mindset, background, etc. to have an effective communication. You are more likely to get what you want, from your communication if you are courteous, as it builds goodwill.

Using the 7 C’s of communication covered in more detail in our infographic below, will help you become an effective communicator and you will find more success in your interactions with people.

7 C’s of Effective Communication

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