Why should we redesign websites
Why Should We Redesign Websites?

The business environment is continuously changing and so is technology. The website is the link between the business and the customer. Hence, the website needs to be redesigned to keep it up to date with current technology, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Following are some of the reasons why we should redesign websites:

Website design plays an important role as the design is the first thing which attracts the website visitor. It is boring when the layout has not changed for years. The website needs to be changed along with a good User Interface (UI) and responsive design, as many people use smartphones and tablets to view the website.

A website should follow certain design trends which include:

Fixed header bars – Fixed headers appear constantly on the page even after scrolling top to bottom. The user doesn’t have to search for the navigation bar in the header section placed on top.

Infinite scrolling – This helps to load the page incrementally as the user scrolls down, without making the user to wait till the entire page is loaded.

Big bold typography – Text which is thicker and heavy than the normal text. This type of text is used for titles and to draw the attention of the user.

Avoid using Flash – Earlier websites used flash as a plugin in the browsers. Now with the help of CSS3, animations can be designed easily which eliminates the use of flash. Flash is also no longer supported by iOS devices.

HTML5/CSS3/JQuery animation – Eliminating the old HTML pages, now HTML5 is used which is the current version of the HTML standard. CSS3 is the current standard for CSS and is backward compatible with previous versions of CSS. Using jQuery, different animations can be designed for sliders, buttons, navigation, etc.

Contact form vs Call to action – This is an excellent marketing and sales technique to improve your conversion rate. Such a feature prompts the user for an immediate response usually with a message like “CALL NOW”. Other types of call to action might tempt users to buy a product. e.g. “Offer valid for a limited time”.

Websites load slowly when they contain high-resolution images. Viewers don’t want to look at the loading screen for a long time, they like to get quick results. So, the website should not contain high-resolution images. In order to overcome this, we should make use of graphic optimization techniques.

To make a long story short, the website is the face of the business on the internet. Updating and redesigning websites regularly helps in maintaining trust and ongoing relationship with customers which in turn is better for the business.

Meliston Costa

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