What I do in my free time
What I do in my free time

Working continuously for 5 days a week can be very stressful. It’s very important to give some rest to your mind and body. To keep away from stress, one must do things which make oneself happy and feel good about it.
Here are some of the things which I do in my free time to release stress.


I love gardening, so what else can be better than spending some time with my plants. The weekend is the time when I can give special attention and care towards them. First, I take out the unhealthy leaves, then I manure and water the plants.It gives me immense happiness to see my plants as each one grows from a tiny seed to a full-grown plant.

In the afternoon, I showcase my cooking skills to my mom. As cooking is not an easy job, it is important to know what ingredients to use and in what quantity for your dish. It is said that a fragrant dish is very tasty. After I have done the cooking, my mom tastes my dish. If it turns out good, she appreciates my work.I feel happy and proud of myself once she likes what I have cooked.


gardeningIn the evening, I like to spend time with my mom. We go for a walk together. This is the time when I share all my stories and she patiently listens. This helps me reduce my stress. We all know that being happy is very important. It makes you look younger, gives a natural glow to your face. This helps to spread happiness and positive energy among the people around you.

Therefore, take some time out from your busy schedule and do things which make you happy.

Vijata Redkar

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