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Trello – an Effective Project Management Tool

When you are working on any project, it is important that you provide timely updates to the respective client about the ongoing work. Updates can be provided via emails or other means of communication. There are also many web-based tools like Trello that help you to manage your projects effectively.

Trello is one such web-based project management application tool that allows you to organize your tasks effectively. Using Trello, you can create lists or categories of your tasks and arrange your tasks accordingly. This not only helps cut down on emails but also allows each “board member” to see the entire project at a glance. This feature could also be extremely helpful for client projects.

Trello consists of 3 organizational components:

Boards, Lists, and Cards.

Boards are the prime interface of Trello. Trello helps you organize your tasks by arranging them on specific boards. Within each board’s menu, this tool allows you to add members. Each board member has access to the board and can make edits like adding new items, etc. This is especially helpful for collaborations and partnerships when you have multiple resources under a project assigned to a specific task.

Each Trello board is split into smaller segments called Lists. Lists reflect the workflow under each Board. They help you create steps and outline a process for your projects.

Cards are the fundamental units of each board. They are used to denote tasks, ideas, etc. We can drag and drop the corresponding card into the appropriate list depending on the progress of the task. Trello also allows you to add more information to the back of each card, so a card can be edited as you proceed with the task. A card may look fairly simple at first, however, once you click the card, there are several options available on the back of the card.


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Trello is a very effective tool that has features that make our work easier. Here are a few of them:

1) Instantly Understand When a Deadline Is Approaching

With a Trello board, you will never miss a deadline. You can assign a due date to each card when you create it. As the date approaches, the card becomes yellow, and it turns red as you cross the deadline. To avoid the red on your board, you can mark the due date as ‘complete’.

2) Mobile Friendly

Trello is available on all platforms. The application will reformat itself to any screen size irrespective of whether it is on the monitor, tablet, or phone.

3) Instant Notifications

Never miss out on a task because when tasks are updated, reported on, or deleted, you have consistent notifications and they would reach you by email.

Trello is flexible, especially because of its simplicity. It is a great tool to do your job. You can alphabetize boards and create different kinds of boards, whether for personal or professional use which makes it a must-have tool.

Sweta Nagvenkar

Blog written on: 31-12-2019

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