To the next level
To The Next Level

If you grow using people’s motivation,

‘Waiting for more’ will be your next station.

If you are the one who grows using negativity,

Motivation will be available in longevity.


If it’s a Monday and our mind says ‘it’s work again’,

Then change your attitude because, ‘no pain, no gain’.

Work on crafting your abilities to the point where it looks like magic,

Making them believe that you were anointed with it completes the trick.


No one will come to you with a silver platter saying ‘here is your dream, manifest it’,

Have passion? Have the drive? Put in work everyday, go ahead and test it.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up but those are the times of real test,

It’s only when you go through the worst that you become better than the rest.


Gulp this down for I believe it is true,

That the real motivators are the ones that demotivate you.

For in those moments of ‘wait, I will show you’,

You finally realize that your potential just grew.


You should have some CRON jobs running everyday,

Tasks which you do willingly and habitually instead of being obliged to obey.

One of them, just like sleeping, should be ‘VISUALISING’ big,

How rarely we use this Photoshop tool pre-installed in our brain which is a valuable rig!


Don’t believe me? Search YouTube with ‘the law of attraction’,

Most videos will tell you that a visualization is a form of action.

You can picture anything you want using this tool,

Dream it clear and precise but putting in work alongside is the thumb of rule.


Effort everyday and you grow a bit,

Close to a byte in a week if everyday you commit.

With time a GB should be in sight,

It’s called effort my friend, your aim should be a terabyte.


So down the years you will be a folder full of content (happiness, experience, knowledge),

The efforts you had put in you will never repent.

Your description will contain hard work, dedication, and similar qualities,

When they right click to view your folder properties.


If you are in the top position already, then act like you are yet to get there,

“THERE IS ALWAYS A NEXT LEVEL” is the message I want to share!!!

Clyde Dias

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