How technology changed day to day life...
How technology changed day to day life…

Technology is the only thing, which goes on changing as we move ahead. Imagine how people used to spend their days in the late 19th century. Surely, we cannot think of that lifestyle nowadays.

When it comes to technology, we are so badly dependant on it that we can’t do our work without any modern “Gadget/s”. Everything is changing so fast, that we keep reminders on our smart phones. From CRT TVs to LCDs, Telephones to Mobiles to Smart phones, Wired lines to Wireless network, etc. Everything is changing according to the current needs and demands.

We need to take into account that in few years machines will surely replace humans and there will be no work force left.

Nowadays, we are so attached to our gaming pads that we have forgotten to see the open grounds. We have become so lazy that we don’t go to the shops to buy something, instead we order everything online.

The new technologies have made our life so easy that we can do our work from anywhere.

It has simplified communication and has made distance short by introducing various social networking platforms.

Now, it is our duty to change according to the technology and get the best out of it.

— Shaunak Kundaiker

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