Techie Jargons
Techie Jargons

This write-up was published on OPSPL blogspot on July 1, 2013. Read this to know some of  the quirkiest techie words you might have not come across!

Bombastic Report

This could very well be called a smug report or a pompous report but I just love the word Bombastic. Is the Shaggy song Mr. Boombastic playing in your head yet? Coming back to the report, a bombastic report is a bug that is submitted by a snob who thinks he / she knows a lot about the design and is worldly wise enough to make irrelevant technical suggestions which he / she thinks is causing a problem.

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High on Crack report: A report so completely in comprehensible that the person who submitted it must have been smoking pot.

Don’t know Don’t care report: A report usually with no information other than the phrase “ doesn’t work.”

A Sitting Duck

All of us have those moments when we go to present our product that we know is as perfect as the almighty itself. But then the clients who feel they know better start pointing out changes because they feel if they don’t then they aren’t adding value. So we add a sitting duck – A feature included to the design to draw attention and be removed, thus avoiding changes to the rest of the product.

Onion Code

As many of you might have already figured out. This is a code with too many layers. Here as you dive into the code, every layer has to be pushed on to the memory stack which may form abstraction and cause the user to cry sulpher tears.

Shhushhh Comments

Also known as the Ninja comments, invisible comments, secret comments, or no comments.

Mad Girlfriend Bug

You know there is something going on but the software tells you everything is fine.

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