Relationship between a developer and a tester
Relationship between a developer and a tester

The goal of a tester and a developer is the same: to provide the best solution to the client’s problem. However, the way each of them thinks and works is different.
A developer tries to find the best possible solution. On the other hand, a tester thinks of the best possible scenarios to break the system.
The tester’s job is not to ruin the system, but to see whether the system works properly in different scenarios through quality testing. So, to check these scenarios, they need to think out of the box and test accordingly. That is the only way to provide a client with a high-quality product and to satisfy the customer’s real need.

The points mentioned below should be considered to maintain a smooth flow between development and testing:

Requirements should be accurately gathered. If any requirement or a flow is incomplete, it leads to confusion, and incomplete development of a module or the system.
Each functionality and even minor changes need to be communicated to the relevant members of the team.

Both testers and developers must maintain their patience, in order to maintain the harmony of the entire team. Whenever issues are raised during testing, a developer should take it as a positive criticism of their work and find a way to make their system even better.

Satisfactory answers
Testers can raise any divergent or out of the box questions. These questions should be answered by developers without any aggression, so as not to make a tester feel guilty for raising the question.

Well, they cannot work without each other.
While the developer’s aim is to fulfil the client’s requirement by developing a system without any bugs, the tester’s goal is to ensure the highest quality in the system.
The relationship between a developer and a tester should be robust. They should respect each other’s opinions and work smoothly which will allow them to produce a quality software system.


Trupti Oulkar

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