QA testers – You Hate Us and We Know It!
QA testers – You Hate Us and We Know It!

This write-up was published on OPSPL blogspot on June 25, 2013. Read this to know why QAs are dreaded by the development team yet they are an indispensable part of the developmental process!

We don’t blame the programmers for hating us, I mean our appraisals are done by the amount of threatening notes we get by our fellow colleagues (at least that is what I would like to think). I will tell you why? You see our job is to be as mean as we can to the application we get. We have to break it in every way so that when the client finally gets it, the application doesn’t behave badly no matter what. My life as a QA tester requires me to find bugs and errors in the code, document the same and send it to the programmers to fix (now you understand the threatening notes).

Finding bugs isn’t easy, it’s a tedious process and we have to follow a billion step test plan to see if we can cause an error. Once we get an error we have to write a report on what the error is and what we did to get it. And the process goes on and on following the endless test plan.

So whenever you buy any application you can thank us the QA testers that sold our souls so that the app you bought would work without freezing up on you. And if it does break, don’t get too upset because sometimes the users or our clients are able to do things that are not even mentioned in our billion step test plan (It’s nothing to be proud about). All there is know is we the QA testers—Santa’s little helpers of the IT world are the ones that are responsible for getting your app as close to perfect as possible.

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