Mobile App Gamification
Mobile App Gamification

In today’s digitized or perhaps mobile world, every business (whether it’s small or big) requires a mobile app to target a wider range of audience. But just having a mobile app will not help. Even if your app provides valuable services, it will be forgotten by the audience if it is not interesting enough to keep the users hooked.

User engagement is the key factor that can either make or break an app. But keeping a user hooked on to an app is not a small and easy task. This is where gamification will come to your rescue and prevent users from uninstalling your app.

Gamification is a process of using game principles and its design elements in a non-gaming application. It basically revolves around human impulse of status and achievement. Therefore, understanding different types of users will help you for better gamification process integration.

Types of Gamification Users:

  1. Achievers – These are users whose only focus is to climb to the top of the success pyramid by winning more and more points, prizes and rewards. The thrill of the achievement is what that drives these users to keep on using the app.
  1. Explorers – As the name suggests, these users like to explore the app and discover new secrets. These users are fine with performing the same tasks as long as they unlock new areas in the app.
  1. Socializers – These are individuals who are interested in the social aspects of an app. They like interacting with other users. For them, the app is the social vehicle that allows them to build interesting relationships with other users.
  1. Killers – These users are highly competitive and winning is their only motive. Killers want to beat everyone and be the ultimate winners.

Once the target audience is identified, you need to choose the right game elements that can be used in your app to attract more users. Following are some game elements that can be used to gamify your app.

  1. Rewards, Points and Badges:

Encouraging users to earn rewards for using your app is very beneficial and important. People willingly complete a task in the app if they know that their efforts will be rewarded. Therefore, whatever reward you choose to give to your users,  ensure that it holds some intrinsic value for them.

  1. Notification:

The app should give friendly notifications to the user, like reminding them that they have not used the app for quite a long time, etc. Robotic notifications should be avoided as much as possible.

  1. Leaderboards & Transparency:

Sometimes only recognition is not enough. Users often like to compare themselves with others. Sometimes they don’t want to be recognized, they just want to win. Leaderboards are transparent and help each user to know exactly where he stands as compared to other users.

Gamifying a mobile app doesn’t turn the app into a game, it greatly enhances the user experience, making the app engaging. So gamify your app smartly and make it a successful app.

Dixita Dessai


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