Life’s a Beach
Life’s a Beach

The problem with you is, you take your problems too seriously. Of course, that’s what a normal human does. But then, by doing that you’re not really ‘living’ your life. You’re just surviving. Waiting for the good times to come instead of making them happen. But yeah, it’s okay to be sad and cry at times. It’s okay to be angry and rude to people at times. It’s okay to remove your dp or post sad statuses. But it’s not okay to stay that way forever and expect your family or friends to bear with you all the time. As doing that also make you a selfish human.

Another problem with you is that you can’t love yourself. You want someone else to do it for you. And when they don’t, you’ll end up pushing people away, drink the nights away, smoke your lungs black, give love a bad name. You start creating walls around yourself. Know what? Put barbed wires instead. Allow the people who’ve hurt you to see you. See how happy you are even after all the pain they’ve given to you. But don’t let them get any closer, anymore. Because, do you remember, when you were a kid you played this prank where you rang your neighbor’s doorbell and disappeared? Your close ones are gonna do the same with your life now. So be prepared. Expect that your close ones are gonna hurt you one way or the other. If they don’t, you’ll feel the luckiest. And if they do, it’ll hurt a little less.

And sometimes, you plan to end your problems by ending yourself. Seriously? Suicide? You came this far just to end your life? Everything gets better you know. You just have to be there to see it. You act like you’re the only one who’s going through hell. You feel you’re the loneliest. But let me tell you something, you can’t be as alone like a mother sitting alone in tears outside an operation theater hoping her child will be fine. Remember, you really don’t know what you’re made of until you’re broken.

The next problem is the job. Right? You start working so that you get to live your life the way you want to. But then, you realise that all you do is only work and there’s no time to live life the way you want to. So here’s the trick. Do a job which is not just a job for you but your hobby as well. Correct me if I’m wrong, if you can work so hard to make someone else’s dreams come true, you have the ability to do it to your dreams too, right?

After all this, my point is… Life’s a beach. The waves are your problems. The sand, the good things in life, your happiness. The ice-cream vendors, your family or friends. Either you play in the sand and live your life for real or keep walking towards the waves and end up ruining your life. Or, remember when you were small, you fell, you got hurt, then when you got your favourite ice-cream you forgot all your problems. So find your favourite ice-cream flavour from one of the the ice-cream vendors. Just find reasons to live, not survive.

Sanford Fernandes (former intern)

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