Life from a testers perspective
Life from a testers perspective

I joined OPSPL on 1st June 2016. The HR interviewing me was told clearly that I would run away if I had to do any coding. That turned out great; no coding just scrutinizing till date.

When I joined there, were tasks and there were seniors. Seniors who helped me with their guidance whenever required. I was on course to become a Sherlock Holmes !

As weeks went by, my power of observation increased. My eyes caught the minute mistakes in design while my mind caught logical errors. My eyes and my mind are the two most heavily used resources when on the job.

It’s a tough job because you cannot be biased. I feel bad for our coders who work hard… they build and we break and we tell them to rebuild. My department is the one where you need to keep friendship aside while we are on the job.

Letting a person know that he/she has made a mistake is a difficult task in itself. No one would like it if they were told they made a mistake. I’m merciless while finding the bugs, but I try to be a polite as possible when informing the coders about these.

Life has changed since I’ve taken up the testing job. I hold a keen interest in cars and bikes. The skills are being implemented in even selection of cars and bikes which I recently purchased. The minute details combined with functionality that lead to overall customer satisfaction is finally what matters. That’s the take away for me from my job.

–Ankush Agasagi

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