Katalon Studio
Katalon Studio

As test robotisation turns out to be increasingly essential in the present innovation scene, it tends to challenge us to discover a computerization arrangement that is reasonable, easy to set up, and able to compete to meet a variety of automation needs. Katalon Studio is a practical option in contrast to both open-source and other paid testing software. Some of the reasons why Katalon Studio is popular are as follows:

Record and Play on Browsers and Mobile Apps

Test recording is the quickest route for clients to robotise applications. Recognizing objects on applications is tedious and excruciating. It is even a bad dream to refresh them when applications are changed.

In contrast to Selenium, Katalon Studio utilises previous records and runs similar tests on numerous programs. Likewise, Katalon Studio is enough to deal with dynamic web components by changing the test object properties which are used during runtime.

API Testing

Utilizing Katalon Studio would maintain a strategic distance from the coding part, as it works for both REST APIs and SOAP web testing administration. On the off chance that we utilize an option like the SOAP or REST APIs free form, we can’t run it through record play option and need coding to produce the reports. Katalon Studio enables us to combine our web-administration tests in a test suite to trigger at whatever point we need it; a report will likewise be created and auto-messaged to the beneficiaries provided in the test automation tool.

Katalon Plugin Store

Katalon plug-ins are easy to introduce, learn, and use. They are little bits of programming that you introduce into Katalon Studio which include greater usefulness and consider customization of your Katalon use environment. These modules are introduced to meet clients needs, hoping to improve their tasks, improve robotisation productivity and meet their particular business needs.

Katalon Studio Integration with Git

Git is a powerful and prominent framework for total team control. It is one of the most widely used applications for cooperation in programming teams or groups. In the event that your Katalon Studio robotisation undertaking includes a few or more individuals, you should utilize Git or any another source control framework for overseeing changes and arrangements of your application.

Katalon Analytics

Katalon Analytics is a cloud-based application which gives inside and out perspective on test execution reports through amazing perception which includes graphs, charts, and measurements. Katalon Analytics is the current best option to analyse the test reports for better understanding over a longer period of time.

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