Working on an existing project
Is Working on an Existing Project a Piece of Cake?

Well, having worked on other people’s code, it is settled that it’s difficult to modify or even understand it in one go. If you are new to that technology and do not have any idea about the flow of the project, then you are doomed.

There are a few things that need to be followed by the fresher for a particular project or technology:

Understanding the Project:

First things first, before touching or even having a glance at the code, always perceive the project flow and understand the project you are going to fix or work with. Without knowledge of the layout of the project, it will be a tedious job for you. Understanding a project becomes easier if there is proper documentation available for it.

Coder’s Approach:

After understanding the project’s flow, you can move on to the code, but understanding the previous coder’s approach to a particular concept is required. Without this, it would be like having a map but not knowing how to use it. Rather than this, you would be better off writing your own code.

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Before you get your hands dirty and make a mess of the existing code, get a backup of it, which always helps to revert your code.

Get Help:

There will always be a person with more experience than you. If you have any confusion, make sure you ask rather than working alone and building a ticking bomb, which could blow up at any time and you would not have any idea how to put it off. 

Debug Step by Step:

There’s always a conflict between the existing code and the newly written one, so take it one change at a time. According to my experience, any changes I made in the code for a new feature always collided with the existing system, so I had to change it and change it again. It is always better to plan out your feature first, how it is going to fit in, and code accordingly, but this won’t relieve you from debugging. Make sure there are no loopholes that will introduce new bugs into your system.

Document Your Features:

Make sure you keep a record of your newly added feature or the changes you have made in the code and how it works. It will help the user as well as the next programmer.


Sicleta Gomes

Blog written on: 17-05-2018

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