Impact of Social Media in Recruitment
Impact of Social Media in Recruitment

Social networking has become an important part of our lives. It has opened new avenues to connect with people from across the globe. The rapidly growing popularity of social media has changed the way employers communicate and more recently how they go about with recruitment.

Social Media – a medium of work as well as play

The world of recruiting is changing; Social media offers a good opportunity for hiring professionals and potential job seekers who profile themselves on these sites. It all starts with opening a Company page on these platforms. Facebook not only connects friends, family and business but also creates an applicant pool for recruitment. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an exclusive tool to build connections with experienced and qualified professionals organized by Industry, job title and various other categories.

Finding a suitable candidate for the required post is a challenging and time-consuming process. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and a handful of others offer a great opportunity to connect with candidates, many of whom would be very difficult to find through traditional sources.

Every Company has its own recruiting strategy. One of the unique ways that we at Online Productivity Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reach out to potential candidates is by posting very attractive and interesting vacancy posters on Facebook, created by the design team of the Company.

New Generation of Workers

The success of recruitment isn’t just measured by the jobs filled, but who fills them. Most of the candidates use social media to make known their passion for their career by sharing their work experience and skills.

Before reaching out to the potential candidate, there is a greater chance of viewing their education history and complete work background on LinkedIn and to some extent Facebook. Furthermore, it shows the candidates hobbies and interests which describe their personality in short.

Recruitment is more than just placing an ad in the newspaper. It is about delivering the targeted message to the right audience through the right sources. In my opinion, the top way to stay ahead of the game is through social media.

Mabel Fernandes

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