Health at Work
Health at Work

Falling sick constantly? Don’t know how it all began? Worried about your constant falling sick having a bad effect on your work performance? Worry not, this happens to everyone.. Really ! they just don’t show it.’re probably already thinking how to overcome this problem and fix the bugs in your own body. Well, let me give you some tips on how to be a healthy worker. Take note … this is coming from a person who has no medical degree what-so-ever, I shall not be responsible for injured personnel, stomach pain or people going crazy at work. You have been warned!

The problems.

So what really causes neck and back pain from working at a computer?
Slumping and slouching due to poor sitting position and posture and no back support puts a big strain on the muscles in your back and causes stress on your spine. With continued stress, your poor posture can actually cause anatomical changes in your spine and, ultimately, increase your odds of constricted blood vessels and nerves. Really I’m Not a doctor!

In addition to chronic neck and back pain, these spinal changes can lead to headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, and even damage to some of your major organs, which may impact the functions of your body, such as no1 and no2. Yes, Number One and Number Two !.

How do you fix this?

Don’t worry, you won’t need to learn a new language to implement this fixes. They’re simple.
You need to be sitting in a chair that allows you to sit with your shoulders relaxed, in a posture where your forearms are straight parallel to the floor. If you are reaching up to your keyboard or scrunching your shoulders, you will know you have the wrong setup. To have the perfect setup, your elbows angle should be 90 degrees when your shoulders are relaxed.

One of the biggest mistakes we make with our computers is having our monitor placed too low, so that we end up straining our necks due to that positioning, looking down, and, consequently, hunching forward.

With these simple fixes, you can easily avoid back and neck pain. I hope to see you all following these instructions. I will come by with a protector to measure angles, that’ll be fun. Have a fun time, enjoy work and be happy! Cheers!

— Shriom Manerkar

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