How to generate content for a blog?
How to generate content for a blog?

For any person who has an inquisitiveness for writing, finds it really easy to draft out a blog or even an article. But a simple programmer won’t feel the same when it comes to writing a blog.

Being hesitant to start a blog because you just can’t think of any good topics to write about, that’s not a good excuse. Writing a blog is a skill and like any other skill, it can be developed in time.

To keep your reader interested and engrossed in the blog to fully understand the main idea of the content is the ultimate goal of writing a blog. So here are some basic points to keep in mind when it comes to blog content writing:

  • Think of a title

Researching on a title can be a pain in your brain but when deciding on it make sure be detail oriented. Being detail oriented means having a common topic name with a different point of view.

  • Focus on the message

Upon reaching a decision, think properly on the matter. What is the key point of your blog? What is the purpose of the topic? What kind of audience do you want to target? These are some of the questions you should have answers too.

  • Draft out the structure of the blog

When you write a blog the basic structure to follow is to have a short and brief introduction, the main body and the conclusion. The introduction should be precise so as to highlight the key point and to grab your reader’s attention.  The main body is the content message and the conclusion is the closing summary of the entire blog.

  • Make proper use of headings, paragraphs and single words

Heading help to define your point from the content. Making proper use of headings will help you with getting your point of view across to the viewer. Everybody knows how to use paragraphs but make use of paragraphs that make sense. When you make paragraphs it should have a main idea and subject. The use of single words is done for a quick scan reader to grasp the message properly.

  • Length of your blog content

Most people think that lengthier the blog better it is for the reader. To a certain extent this is true but at times the reader may lose interest in the blog. Try to keep a word limit minimum of 400 words. It is important to put your focus keyword 3 to 6 times throughout your blog.

  • Check your grammar

English is a funny language and to be a master at it is difficult. So make sure to sure proper and appropriate grammar when you write your blog. In case you are not sure about your grammar you can run you blog through a grammar checker to help you out.

Always remember that nobody is a born expert, even writer at times forget basic rules. It is with practice and time that we learn to develop our blog writing skills. So the next time you write, try to stick by these rules to help refine your content to a whole new level.

Tania Fernandes (former employee)

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