Gboard for Android
Gboard for Android

Gboard is a Keyboard app which is quite similar to a typical Android Keyboard.
Its user interface is almost the same compared to other google keyboards but it has some special features which make it better. It makes typing faster than the earlier versions.

This app was made available to iOS users much earlier than Android ones. It was released for Android users around 8 months later.

Gboard is available on the Google play store now. Since it is just an advanced version of Google keyboard, the existing keyboard can be directly updated to get the latest Gboard version available.

There are several different features available. On the top left section of the keyboard, there is a ‘G’ button available which helps to search any keyword on google, search for images and more. It also has one hand typing feature which allows users to type with one hand even if they have big screen mobiles. Such features are just improvements over the existing ones.

Main features available are:

  • Almost all the languages are available in Gboard.
  • Filters can be used to block offensive words.
  • Predictive search can be enabled/disabled.
  • Dictionary can help you to manage your words.
  • Glide typing tab available for gesture typing.
  • Auto-correction can be enabled/disabled.
  • Next word suggestion feature.
  • Customized themes can be used.

— Dattaraj Naik

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