For the love of peace
For the love of peace


Violence is so much a part of our lives today. We switch on the TV to see people blown up by bombs and guns. The newspapers tell us of armed robberies. Somebody is pushed, kidnapped, killed or beaten to death. Traffic accidents disrupt our lives. More recently the testing of nuclear weapons has brought the threat of future violence closer in our lives.

In the midst of all the violence, all we want is peace. Peace to be able to just live. Peace to be able to work. Peace to be with our families, friends, neighbours and loved ones. True peace is more than just seeing people smiling and being happy, it is deeply rooted in love. Love that comes from inside a person and reaches out to every living being that comes his or her way. All our scriptures and faiths teach us about love and peace leading to healthy lives.

In today’s violent world, people use anger and force to get what they want quickly. When they do this, innocent people get hurt and suffer. When innocent people are hurt, their families, friends and loved ones are hurt and they in turn want to hurt someone back. So the cycle of violence goes on, Breaking the cycle of violence is not easy but it is possible. We should replace violence with love , understanding and kindness which will eventually lead to peace. We think of peace makers as special people. We forget that each one of us has the opportunity to be a peacemaker, wherever it may be.  There are many times when each of us needs to act as a bridge where there are divisions or quarrels and in situations where those in power trample on the weak and helpless. Being a peacemaker is a very challenging job.

It is so easy to break up peace. It is much harder to make peace. All over the world, many people work for peace. There is even a Nobel peace prize presented to an individual or group who has done their best to bring peace to communities or even countries. When there is love and peace in our hearts, we can work with others to bring peace everywhere else.

Remember “Love and Peace are stronger than hate and violence. Peace among us can work wonders.”

Valanka Barca E Fonseca

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