Cultivating Good Reading Habits
Cultivating Good Reading Habits

Many people do not enjoy reading. There are many reasons for this. Some may believe that reading is boring and it takes too much time, while others may never have enjoyed reading since childhood.But you must know this, reading helps increase knowledge and vocabulary. Initially one needs to induce this habit no matter how resisting it is, only then will it turn to be enjoyable.

How will you induce this habit?
Maybe you can start off with something easy and fun!? Beginning with something difficult stuff may turn out to be boring and frustrating, and you may eventually give up reading.

Here are a few more tips that can help you cultivate good reading habits:

  • Identify a genre of Interest – A person who wants to read should identify his interest first, whether the interest areas involve a novel, poetry or something else. Another way is to rely upon the top lists based on critic ratings, most of them are pretty interesting.
  • Start Small – This is very important. Start off with setting manageable. Set some daily targets and try accomplishing it without overstretching yourself. No one finishes reading in one day.
  • Be Consistent – Consistency is the key to developing a lifetime habit. Ensure you read at least more than the daily minimum target set by you.
  • Make Time – If one wants to read, one must make the time. Time is infinite, without any beginning and end. But in one’s lifetime, it is finite. Developing a reading culture means minimising some leisure activities and utilise that time for reading.
  • Prepare a Strategy – Each individual has the time that best works for him. Adjust your timings for reading according to your daily schedule. For instance, if you want to read some 30 pages a day, you could divide the number of pages and read them at different timings in a day based on your convenience. It should be fun.
  • Challenge Yourself – Set yearly targets and challenge yourself. Try to finish the present number of books. Sharing these targets on social media may give you an additional boost and will inspire you to read more.
  • Choose an Appropriate Medium – Choose your medium carefully. If you travel very frequently, then carrying many books may pose a challenge and therefore, e-reading will come in handy.

We all know that ‘knowledge is power’ and it’s through books that we can improve and increase our mental power. So keep reading!

– Dixita Dessai

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