Why companies need SEO?
Why companies need SEO?

Let’s face it how many of us do understand the careers that lie behind digital marketing. You could become a SEO professional, PCC specialists, content manager, UX Designers & Developers and much more.

One of the career options I am going to talk about is a SEO professional.  Don’t worry I got it all covered in this blog for those who do not understand why a website needs an SEO professional.


  • SEO Professional- The full form is search engine optimization professional. You got a website that you want running on the first few pages on google. Well that’s the main task of an SEO professional that is to analyse and implement changes to your websites so they are optimized for search engines.

SEO’s believes in providing value for the customers’ website and building important relationships through inbound marketing strategies. The practices involve increasing user experience and usability of a website. SEO puts you ahead of the digital marketing competition by increasing traffic to your website thus increasing your sales. SEO is a big boon towards social media promotion as those who find your website by searching google, yahoo, Bing are more likely to promote it.

Good SEO strategies are directly proportional in increasing your rank on the google search pages. So if you got a website that you want people to know about, you need ‘SEO’. Make your website increase traffic in the right way, by getting in touch with our SEO team.

As we work to make you happy and google too!

— Redinka Fernandes

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