Celebrating the Joy of Giving Week
Celebrating the Joy of Giving Week

Joy of Giving (now called Daan Utsav) is a remarkable social initiative that takes place annually in India between 2nd to 8th October. It celebrates and encourages the spirit of giving.

It does not belong to any NGO or organization. It is an initiative taken by people like you and me to volunteer and make someone happy. People from various sectors get together and celebrate by donating items of their own choice to the needy. It is mainly a platform for people from different walks of life, to give back to society through generous acts of giving, in any way they choose – time, material, money or love.

Every year at OPSPL, the management and staff contribute to this good cause and make a difference in our locality. This year we decided to wrap boxes of kindness and help the orphans from St. Anthony’s Orphanage in Verna. We donated daily necessities like groceries to cover all meals, toiletries, and school items. A few of us visited the orphanage to interact with the children. The Nuns and orphans were very happy and sang a song to thank us for our generosity. Sharing love and care gave us immense happiness.

Our organization has taken the initiative to encourage giving and building ideals of compassion and generosity in everyone. This increases self-confidence and also provides a sense of purpose in our employees. The beauty of this “festival of philanthropy” is that there are no limitations as to how one must celebrate it. Just listen to your heart!

– Muriel Coutinho

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