What Does it Mean to be a Good Programmer?

By the term programmer, a lot of things come to our mind, like smart, intelligent and the most important of all, logical. But, these are not the only skills needed to be a good programmer.

Below are the basic skills needed to be a good programmer :

  • Willingness to learn
    A good programmer should be ready to learn anything thrown at them. They shouldn’t limit themselves to just one technology, but should have some basic knowledge about other technologies. Because the technology is always advancing, the skills of a programmer should also be continuously updated
  • Impressive technical skills
    This is the most obvious of all, a person working on one language should not only know how to do it but, also know how it actually works. If you know the functioning of the language, then you can solve any problem that you encounter later on.
  • Debugging skills
    Creating a code from start is completely different from investigating someone’s completed code. Getting to understand such code and researching the possible issues that may or may not come in the future is a very important skill to have.
  • Problem-solving skills
    A programmer should always find different ways to solve a problem. Avoid saying “It cannot be done” since this kind of attitude stops you from moving forward and getting innovative ideas.
  • Passion for the work
    You should love what you do. If you love coding, then there is nothing that you can’t do. Coding is fun when you enjoy it. The challenges, the unexpected errors, and deadlines – all this means nothing if you love your work. You can overcome any challenges or obstacles to get to the end.
  • People skills
    It’s very important to work with your co-workers since the development of the project is done by a team. The ability to work well with others is a must since it helps you to convey your ideas properly. At the same time, you should listen to the ideas of the others. Good co-ordination helps to get the work done faster and efficiently.


Stevan Fernandes

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