Advantages of being Over-weight
Advantages of being Over-weight

You must have heard people saying that being overweight is not what you should support and you believed that. But it comes with its own advantages and I believe in that. So here I’m listing a few advantages that I experienced being overweight.

  • Fat people are good floaters, which means they can float better in the sea or the pool compared to the skinny people.
  • Fat people can produce more energy which helps their immune system to fight an illness. That is why fat people are more healthy in comparison to the skinny people.
  • During winter season, the extra layer of fat protects fat people from the So they don’t feel so cold compared to the skinny people.
  • Fat people can live longer with limited food or no food as they produce lot of energy.
  • During accidents or a fall,fat people may survive major injuries as the fat protects internal organs from being damaged.
  • Fat can protect you from physical harm.
  • People don’t try to mess around with you.
  • Can consume more alcohol compared to skinny people without getting intoxicated.
  • Can concentrate on things better as compared to the other people.
  • When traveling by car, you can allot yourself the most comfortable front seat.

So, next time if anyone bullies you, calling you fat or overweight, just take it in a positive way and be proud the way you are!

So keep calm, stay fat and stay healthy!!!
Melbert D’Cunha

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