A Day in the Life of a Programmer
A Day in the Life of a Programmer

This write-up was published on OPSPL blogspot on September 20, 2013. Read this article to know about the confessions of a programmer! 

Ever have one of those days where your eyes are sore and body is completely exhausted. But just then an idea hits and your mind is racing.” Should I turn on the laptop? Or Should I just wait till the next morning?”. In a programmers life it doesn’t matter if it’s the day or the night.

Tonight its just one of those moments where I wished I could do an all nighter without winding up in a hospital. My mind is running at 1 GBPS speed while my body is saying Byte me. The blinking light from the laptop puts me in a siren like trance, slowly calling me towards it. I muster enough will power to shut it down. Then the Smartphone next to me beeps with the latest updates from code developers. Some poor soul in trouble with a code in some part of the world.

With thoughts like this sleep is the last thing I am going to do. I am pretty sure this is going to render me completely useless at work tomorrow. Nothing few cartons of Red bull can’t help. By now I am pretty sure my body is 50 % redbull and the rest water and other mushy stuff.

I start counting sheep, drink some milk, repeat it in the hopes that soon dear sandman would stop by.. But its pointless so since I tried everything I could, I give in. I open up my laptop and start working on that widget while sorting a few bugs out.

I don’t know what time I slept but I made it. And the next day woke up groggily to begin a new day at the office with the love of my life. I  am not kidding when I say I love coding. But that being said, I know I need to prioritize the essentials need in life, mainly sleep. I say to myself that today I am going to set a schedule for myself.  Set time for gym, reading, movies and other things I would like myself to be doing. One thing that consoles me and I know for sure is that.


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