Challenges Faced By Testers
Challenges Faced By Testers

Most of the companies have testers as the intermediary between the developing team and customers. A tester needs to understand the customer’s requirements and hand them over to the developers and the designers. Proper delivery of the requirements is the key to developing the right product, or else the product developed may not be as per the client’s satisfaction. This can also lead to project termination. So, a tester has to deal with a lot of pressure right from the start of a project.

Once the developers produce deliverable product, it needs to be tested by a tester.

Many say that, testing is an easy job, all a tester needs to do is, check others work.

Ok. Here’s a reply from a QA.

Are you kidding me? The tester’s job is not so easy. Once in a while, there can be easy -to- test application which has fewer features.

Testing a complete application or website is a very difficult task for a tester, as s/he has to tackle the many test combinations. Executing each and every test combination is difficult. Also, there is regression testing and as the project expands, test cases expand exponentially. Tracking bugs in such a situation is tough and requires a lot of effort and good analytical skills.

Sometimes, testers are required to work on multiple projects at a time. So, time management becomes a crucial task. The tester needs to possess his armor. This helps in prioritizing tasks and working towards completing them efficiently. Also, a tester needs to decide which test cases need to be executed first.

Another challenge that is set before a tester is – the time constraint. As testing is the last phase of any software development process, it gets the least amount of time. So, ‘What to test?’ and ‘how much to test?’ are the questions that needs to be answered. In addition to this, testers also have to create user manuals about the functioning of the project.

… This isn’t it, there is lots more!! – trust me.

Anyways, don’t you think the following saying holds true?

“Software testers always go to heaven; they’ve already had their fair share of hell.”

 – Akhil Verlekar