Sep 13th, 2017

How I Religiously Watched the Apple September Keynote Event

I am going to be honest with you before I start off this article. On the 12th of September, I actually started out with a…
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Sep 8th, 2017

The joys of playing football in my life

Sports is very necessary in life, no matter what age you are or what work you do, as it keeps you healthy, young and happy….
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Sep 6th, 2017

Every summer has a story…

Ibn Battuta, who is known as the greatest traveler of pre-modern times once said, “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a…
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Sep 1st, 2017

My trip to UK

My trip to UK was a rather spontaneous one than a well planned one. It was the second time I was traveling alone to an…
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Aug 29th, 2017

My Travel Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is gaining a firm position in the bucket list of many travelers worldwide. In spite of the troubled times and wars, Vietnam with its…
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Aug 24th, 2017

Cultivate Hobbies

“What’s your hobby?”. That’s the common question that all of us come across very often. Some of us answer it geninely while some of us…
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