Project Intern

The only exception to this, is that we are a Goan Company established in Goa; for, of and by Goans. We prefer Goan Candidates, resident in Goa. We do not normally recruit or solicit candidates from outside Goa State. All candidates are requested to note this.

As an Intern, you are expected to assist the teams working on projects and will receive the necessary guidance and supervision to ensure a mutually beneficial learning and working process.

You will need to be aware of the tools and technologies we use in the area available or being requested by you. You will have access to the resources of the Company, including the library, internet connectivity, infrastructure, etc.  You will be involved in the entire software development life cycle of the project you are assigned to.

The minimum duration of an internship is six months, and the maximum duration would be up to 1 year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants should be enrolled in a degree program (i.e., master’s or graduate level) at the time of application and also during the internship.
  • Should have obtained above 60% during previous semesters.
  • Provide copies of the latest certificates and transcripts or equivalent institutional records.
  • A recommendation letter from the college/university mentioning the degree currently being pursued for which the internship is required.
  • Should have a basic working knowledge of the technologies with which you wish to work with.
  • Able to keep deadlines and handle tasks responsibly.
  • Should successfully clear the interview process consisting of an aptitude test, English language tests, practical evaluation, technical interview, and finally an HR interview.
  • At the end of the internship, the intern is expected to submit a copy of the project documentation/thesis/dissertation to the Company.

Please Note:

  • Interns must keep confidential any information obtained during the course of the internship program. Information that can be divulged/included in the project documentation must be sanctioned by the Company Project Mentor. No reports or papers may be published based on information obtained at Online without the explicit authorization of the Mentor.
  • Interns are not official staff members and hence will not be entitled to any benefits, e.g. paid leaves, compensation for travel, etc. However, interns selected for the full-time program must follow all office rules and procedures.
  • The Internship Programme is NOT connected with recruitment for employment and there should be no expectancy of such. The purpose of internships is not to lead to further employment with Online but to complement/complete an intern’s studies.
  • In case of any vacancies, interns would need to go through the normal recruitment procedures. Preference may be given to internship candidates who performed exceptionally well. A number of interns, having completed their studies and met the necessary requirements, have later been employed at Online.

To apply for the internship, click the ‘Download Form’ button below. Complete the application form. Then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and follow the instructions as given.
Preference will be given to Goan candidates.