Search Engine Optimisation

Having a company business website  is essential but keeping it up-to-date and visible is crucial. And there is a science to it. That is where Search Engine Optimisation comes into picture.

SEO is a process of promoting your website to and via search engines. It is an endeavour to get your website on to the top of Google’s search results. Our SEO resources are adept at understanding what satisfies Google as well as the user who visits your website. We fix the pitfalls in your websites, which prevents search engines from understanding your website and indexing your pages. Based on this, they optimise your website to drive traffic to your pages and increase its page rankings.

There are thousands of online competitors vying for a place on the first page of search results – for any give keyword or set of keywords. This involves on-page optimisation: keyword analysis, image optimisation, content placement, submission of sitemaps, interlinking, website navigation and responsiveness as well as off-page optimisation: directory listing, article submissions, link building and social bookmarking.

We have the knowledge to sustain the site’s ranking for long-term and convert visitors to your websites into potential customers for your business.

Your one-stop for creating visibility for your website. Contact us for SEO for your website!


Conduct an audit of the site’s functionality and website analytics

Identify pitfalls which prevent Search Engines from crawling the site and any negative SEO areas

Work on the pitfalls and optimise the site for easy crawlability

Build content for the website and promote it across digital marketing channels

Generate weekly analytics reports to inform you (the site owner) of the site’s progress

We handle SEO services which ensures:

Optimised Site Functionalities Crawlability High Google Ranking Maximum Traffic Site Visibility

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