Remote Server Administration

Need a boost for your server and increase its stability? Our Remote Server Administration services will streamline your IT processes so that you focus on your core business goals without any hassle.

Our expertise lies in monitoring all sorts of servers, whether it is a Linux, Windows, Database or a Domain server. Our administrators will analyse your server structure and find any pitfalls and vulnerabilities that hamper its smooth running.  We abide by proactive methodologies which reduces downtime. With our remote server administration support, geographical distance is not a hindrance.

Our package in Remote Administration Services include managed server backups, restores, data monitoring, diagnosing hardware resources, disaster recovery, risk minimization, upgrades, server virtualisation, server security and user access control.

We doctor your server and optimise it to tackle any anomalies! Contact us to avail our services.


Thoroughly understand your business operations

Diagnose your server structure and conduct root cause analysis of faults

Work on the pitfalls and prevent any potential problems that might affect the server performance

Monitor your server and optimise it for better performance

Implement disaster recovery plan

We handle remote server administration services which ensures:

Stability Reduction in Administrative Burden Doctored Pitfalls Back-Up Management Disaster Recovery

If you are interested in our remote server administration services, drop us a message: