Hiring Dedicated Resources

Hiring dedicated personnel is a smart and viable way of outsourcing your business processes to another company. In this way, your doors are open for better talent, creativity, acumen and technological infrastructure despite the geographical distance. Outsourcing gives you the possibility of having a better solution delivered at your doorstep. It is very much a cost-effective option to hiring a full-time in-house resource to complete a particular task.

At OPSPL, you can choose from the pool of talented developers, designers, back office personnel, SEO practitioners and support personnel we have to offer and build an assorted offshore staff of your own to work on your project. We also have an excellent infrastructure ready to be deployed for your services. We put weight on accountability so that our resources communicate with you on a regular basis through virtual communication tools and video conferences to assure you the desired deliverables.

Our dedicated resource hiring facilities are totally cost-effective with no hidden costs involved.

Get the best without worrying of added infrastructure, recruitment or retention. Outsource to us!


Client chooses from our pool of resources according to the project needs and requirements

Meticulous understanding of the project by the hired virtual team through interactions with the client

Deploy the hired resources to work on the project

Maintain regular communication cycle between the virtual team and the client

Test the services for any bugs or issues and deliver the deliverable

Our dedicated resources ensure you:

Cost-Saving Regular Communication Flexibility Timely Delivery Full Project Satisfaction

If you are interested in hiring our dedicated resources, drop us a message: