Offshore Services

Outsourcing to a company in India could mean a huge cost-saving over in-house development, as development in European and American countries can be pricey. Secondly, it opens doors to creative developers and companies on the other side of the globe.We code while you sleep. You test while we sleep. Literally 16+ hours of effort in a single day.

Our strength in this area, lies in the skilful blend of onshore and offshore resources. Our pool of professionals ensure you deliverables in a manner designed to give you the convenience of an in-house development team. This minimizes the additional expenditure of an added developmental infrastructure and also minimizes the risk.

We follow proven Agile development processes and industry best-practices, with emphasis on high quality, confidentiality of proprietary information and quick deployment of services.

Keep your existing team to understand and document the system requirements. Send us the plans and we’ll give you an obligation-free quote. Like it? We’ll make a prototype and send it to you for a reasonable cost – to help you decide…

Once done, we’ll implement it, extend and expand it (if/as required) and support it for as long as may be required – all for reasonable costs.

Have a project that’s stuck with your current developers? Having difficulty getting it moving, fixed or implemented? Let us know. We specialise in taking-over and working on stuck projects. We’ve been doing it for years…

We’re doing it for many companies across the globe. Why not for you?

Our Offshore Services

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