Website Analytics Reports

Businesses are dynamic entities – they are in a constant state of flux. However, what unites its various processes is the strand to generate profits and maintain a strong customer base. Integrating “currently available” website analytics features in to your websites is an effective tool for generating comprehensive reports on how your website is faring in the online world. It gives you a peregrine’s point of view of your website traffic, demographics, user behaviour, user sessions, bounce rate, click-through rates, traffic sources and conversion rates. Not only can this be useful data for evaluation, it can also aid in formulating effective future plans and strategies for your website and company.

Our comprehensive website analytics reports services aid you in your major business decisions. It is also crucial for reframing your current SEO strategies and adopting better approaches – identify which keywords gets maximum traffic, which pages have high bounce rates, understanding landing page dynamics, geographical location dynamics and conversion rate dynamics. This information helps you in bugeting your online market campaigns. We also organise the statistical data in to a structured and lucid style, sent top you weekly – so that it is readable without wasting any time.

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Define the proper value of conversion by understanding the business objectives of our client’s website

Set up the essential tracking codes in our client’s website

Regularly track for site performance and generate an in-depth report

Analyse the generate report and organise it in a structured and lucid manner

Ascertain areas on the site to be refurbished for a better site performance

We handle website analytics reports which are:

In-depth Structured Lucid Useful in Strategising Delivered Timely

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