Email Services

E-mail is a powerful internet tool to maintain a company’s customer base by addressing customer issues, sending contact and informational messages, business updates and strategising on the basis of the generated clientele responses.  It maintains the company-user communication cycle.

At OPSPL, our email services make sure that the burden of handling large volumes of email, handling your corporate email servers and individual addresses and mailboxes, anti-spam and mail-virus filtering services … is not an added burden on your shoulders. We cater to a host of clients from small and medium scale business to large corporate houses.

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Understand the requirements of our clients

Organise the credentials, databases and contact list of our client’s emails

Handle inbound e-mails

Maintain all data in a structured format

Safeguard emails from spam mails, data hacking and viruses

Our e-mail services ensure:

Reduction in administrative load Efficiency Reliability Organised Database Cost-effective

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